Technotherm Panel in RoomIt’s always an exciting time for us when we welcome a new product into the Infrared Heaters Direct fold because our buyers spend months researching potential suppliers to ensure we source only the very best heaters to add to our collection. We’re pleased to announce that we’re now stocking an excellent range of infrared panels from Technotherm, a German manufacturer with a wealth of experience within the electric heating industry. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at why Technotherm panels could be the perfect heating solution for your home or business.

Unbeatable Quality at an Affordable Price

Technotherm panels are fantastic ‘all-rounders’ within the infrared world, providing exceptional build quality but without the higher price tag of a premium model. Their components and design reflect the very best German engineering has to offer so there’s nowhere better to start if you’re looking to dip your toe into infrared heating for the first time. Technotherm’s range of infrared panels include many unique features which differentiate them from other brands, so here’s a quick overview of all their key qualities.

Technotherm White PanelInnovative Technological Advancements

All Technotherm panels use a Teflon-coated wire heating element which helps to ensure the longevity of the product. The high temperature resistance of Teflon protects the wire as it heats up, preventing it from wearing out as quickly, and as an additional forward-thinking measure, patented fixtures are used to keep it from slipping. The movement of the wire element can cause an issue within cheap infrared panels as cold spots can be created on the heater if it slips out of place. This should never be an issue with Technotherm products – by keeping the wire anchored in place, a uniform warmth is created across the surface of the panel and within the room space itself. For improved efficiency, Technotherm panels also have a rock wool insulated back which minimises the amount of heat lost to the wall and helps to project more warmth out to where it’s needed.

Effortless Control for the Whole Home

What really sets Technotherm panels apart from the crowd is the fact that they are all fitted with integrated wireless receivers as standard. Wireless control systems work by using a thermostat that sends a radio frequency signal to any heater connected to a compatible receiver. The receivers pick up the radio signal and relay information to the heaters, making programming a breeze – no more having to run around the house, manually adjusting schedules on every heater. Most infrared products will require the user to purchase both the thermostat and the receivers separately, but with Technotherm, all you need to do is purchase their TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat and you’re up and running. Each TPF-Eco thermostat can control up to 9 panels, so you can either use one as a central programmer, or purchase multiple thermostats to set up a zoned heating system.

Technotherm ControllersWi-Fi Controls with Intuitive User Interface

If your smartphone or tablet functions as the organisational hub of your day-to-day life, you can upgrade your Technotherm control system to include Wi-Fi functionality with the Eco Interface 1.0 Internet Heating Controller. This handy piece of kit plugs into your home router to allow you to manage your thermostats (and by extension your heaters) using any compatible mobile device provided you have an internet connection. By installing Technotherm’s heating app onto your phone or tablet, you can control up to 10 TPF-Eco thermostats using its intuitive user interface and enjoy total control over your heating system from a convenient access point. For more information on how the Eco Interface works, take a look at our configuration guide.

Style and Aesthetics for Every Interior Space

Technotherm PanelsThe range of panels offered by Technotherm means that there’s an infrared heater for every space, no matter your interior décor style. Their Frameless series of panels have a stylish powder-coated finish that will provide an understated yet attractive centrepiece to any room, and can be wall or ceiling mounted due to their lightweight housings.

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, it’s well worth exploring their range of beautiful glass infrared heating panels. The Design series of glass panels are a great choice for modern interiors with a minimalist appearance or for anyone seeking a more striking heater to act as a statement room fixture.

Technotherm’s glass and powder-coated panels are available in black and white, as well as in a wide range of sizes and wattages to suit all spaces. With a depth of 20mm or less, they’re also a wonderful space saving solution for smaller areas that need to make the most of the room available.

Technotherm – Infrared Heaters for Home and Business

Though we’ve mainly been looking at what differentiates Technotherm panels, they still offer all of the benefits you would expect from a far infrared product: gentle warmth, energy-efficient heating and a low-maintenance solution that’s completely discreet. If you’re interested in our exceptional range of Technotherm infrared panels or if you want some general guidance on which panels will be best for your project, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our sales team who will be more than happy to provide you with help and advice.