Infrared Heating vs. Underfloor Heating

Infrared Heating vs. Underfloor Heating

You’ve probably heard of the wondrous benefits of both electric underfloor heating and infrared heating as modern heating systems, but when it comes to choosing between them, the choice may not always be clear. Our range of infrared heaters are the perfect, most cost-effective choice for anyone looking to change or add to their current heating system, from their ultra-modern and sleek design all the way to their unmatched efficiency.

Installation & maintenance

Herschel Select XL Glass PanelOne of the obvious advantages of infrared heating is that it is ridiculously easy to install – you simply plug it in and mount it on the wall, sit back and enjoy your newly cosy room. No electrician or specialist is required, with the exception of the choice to fit directly into the mains, even still, this is a quick and easy process for a qualified professional and is the sole additional cost.

In contrast, underfloor heating can take up to weeks to install, is lengthy, completely invasive and your room is wholly unusable during the entire process due to such disruption. Not only this, but it requires a professional electrician to spend up to weeks installing which in turn increases the costs even further.

A similar principle applies to maintenance costs, as if underfloor heating fails, the entire floor would have to be ripped up and reinstalled, resulting in a costly, time consuming process and is simply not a feasible risk for those with a busy schedule. Infrared heaters on the other hand are designed to be simple and long lasting, which is subsequently reflected in our long warranty guarantees, providing a far more reliable investment for you.

Energy and cost efficiency

Underfloor Heating LayersWhile both methods are more energy efficient than the traditional gas boiler system, infrared is both more energy and cost efficient due to the lack of layers of insulation compared with electric underfloor heating. Underfloor heating consists of a layer of heating wires underneath a layer of screed, and finally the upper floor finish, meaning that lots of energy is used before any heat even reaches the room above, whereas our infrared heating panels only radiate heat directly into the room, making it vastly more efficient. This means that overall it requires less wattage than underfloor heating, saving not only the environment, but your money too!

In addition, this extra insulation means that it can take more than an hour for a room to warm up, leaving you uncomfortable in the cold for too long. Our infrared heating panels heat up a room faster, because all of the heat is going directly into heating up you and your surroundings, not just the layers beneath the floor.

The attraction of a warm floor

Many find that the attraction of stepping out onto a warm tiled floor after a shower is what draws them towards underfloor heating as their heating system of choice, but it is incredibly easy to achieve a similar effect with infrared panels. Infrared heating is very versatile and some even choose to fit such panels on the ceiling, to keep them out of the way and create more space, or to fit them facing towards the floor. Either way, this heats not only the room effectively, but also the floors, walls, and you, with the heat far more evenly spread than it might be with underfloor heating. This creates your very own luxuriously heated floor with none of the hassle!

Mirror Panel in KitchenBut underfloor heating is invisible!”

Another common misbelief is that underfloor heating is more attractive than infrared heaters, because it is simply ‘invisible’, but the reality is that our infrared heaters are so slim and well designed that they will just slot right into your home design, whatever your style. They can be fitted to suit you, for example on the ceiling, wall, or even as a mirror; which is perfect for the bathroom and prevents your mirror from steaming up after a hot shower. Browse our range of mirror panels here.

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We realise that such a big and potentially expensive decision can be daunting to many people and is not one to be taken lightly, but we let the facts speak for themselves, and prove to you that infrared is the road forward in modern heating. With its modern design and aesthetics, and also with its advanced, greener technology, infrared heating will help you to pay less for more, both initially and in the long run. If you need help deciding which infrared heater is for you, or to receive a free personal quote for your infrared heating system, you can give us a call on 0330 880 8383 members of staff.

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