For some time now, infrared heating panels have represented the pinnacle of electric heating technology – offering a unique, super-slim system that’s suitable for a range of spaces, both commercial and domestic. While the world took its time to adjust to this new concept, very few manufacturers managed to create low-cost, accessible infrared panels that users could enjoy without feeling overwhelmed by the new technology. However, Cürv Infrared, an innovative UK-based company, have done exactly that: manufacturing a low-cost, high-quality infrared heating solution that’s ready to go from the second you open the box…

What are infrared heating panels?

Infrared panels offer a completely different heating method to conventional means, using radiant heat rather than warm air to raise temperatures. Conventional heaters take in cool air, heat it up, and cycle it around a room, creating a continuous flow of warmth. This established, tried-and-tested method is great if you need fast-acting heat but it’s not without its pitfalls. Draughts, open doors, and poor insulation can disrupt this warm airflow, which sucks out the heat and leaves your rooms stone cold.

Radiant Heat

Infrared heating panels don’t use the air to keep you warm. They draw power from the wall, heating the front surface of the panel and radiating warmth out into your room. There’s no airflow, no moving parts, and no disruption – just steady, directed “waves” of heat that warm furnishings, people, and anything in its path.

Because these heaters don’t use moving parts, they come in slimline designs that can be discreetly placed around your property, without monopolising wall space. They’re also highly efficient, which makes them an effective commercial heating solution for hotels, holiday lets, and a range of business spaces and environments where cost is crucial.

In terms of installation, most radiant panels simply plug into a standard socket and hang on the wall, like a photo frame or TV. However, these heaters don’t typically come with a control mechanism and in the past, you would need to purchase an external controller to unlock their full potential. Cürv Infrared, our latest infrared supplier, have since moved the goalposts – offering a convenient, all-in-one solution that’s ready to go from the off…

Cürv Infrared: a new breed of infrared panel

Cürv LED Infrared Mirror Panel – Round 100w (500 x 500mm)

Based in the UK, Cürv are among the first to provide a complete infrared heating system with every purchase, without the need for additional tech to get you started. They manufacture a range of heating panels that excel in different spaces, allowing you to pick and choose heaters depending on your requirements – whether that’s a ceiling-mounted solution for your office, a flat panel for your living room, or a mirror panel or towel rail for your bathroom.

The Cürv Flat, mirror, and towel rail panels are ideal for use throughout the home – offering an energy-efficient alternative to central heating or outdated storage heaters. Featuring elegant and unobtrusive designs, the entire Cürv range is fit for 21st century dwellings, adding a dash of contemporary style as well as keeping your rooms warm.

Cürv Flat panels come in white, with a sleek depth of just 40mm that’s perfect for slotting into existing décor with ease. They can also be installed vertically for particularly narrow stretches of wall, capitalising on otherwise dead space. Cürv mirror panels are ideal for bathrooms as the heated face won’t fog up! They even come with a motion-activated LED light for convenience: just wave your hand under the mirror and voilà!

The ceiling tile infrared panel is specifically designed for offices and commercial spaces, fitting neatly into a suspended ceiling grid for unnoticeable, top-down heating. These panels need to be purchased with the Wireless Room Thermostat & Control Box, which can connect up to six 375w or three 750w ceiling tiles for full room coverage. The Control Box comes with a simple, circular LED thermostat that allows you to set a heating schedule and control all your panels from one interface – making it easy to keep employees warm and cosy while they work.

What's in the box?

Everything you need straight from the box

Included with every purchase, with the exception of the ceiling tile panel which needs its own dedicated control box, is a smart, wireless thermostat that can be used with the free Cürv app for off the cuff temperature control. Simply pair your panels to the thermostat, connect to the app, and you’re good to go, adjusting temperatures, checking consumption statistics, and turning individual panels on or off with a few taps.

That’s not all though, Cürv are exceptionally generous when it comes to installation – including near enough everything you need for a quick and easy setup – including screws, brackets, mounting templates, and even a mini spirit level! There’s no need to go rooting around the shed for drill bits or rawl plugs, simply grab your screwdriver and get cracking…

Whether you’re kitting out your entire office, fancy adding some glamour to your bathroom, or simply need a reliable, energy-efficient heating system for your home, look no further than the newest infrared manufacturer around: Cürv Infrared. Browse their full range on our site today or call our dedicated sales team for more information.

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