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How to keep your guests warm at an outdoor party

How to keep your guests warm at an outdoor party

Are you thinking of hosting a garden party but not sure how to keep your guests warm? Considering the unpredictability of British weather, reliable outdoor heating is high up on the priority list. In this article, we’ll be explaining which heating system is the best choice for exteriors, as well as providing some tips and tricks that are sure to help keep your party guests warm and toasty.

Why electric patio heaters make the best outdoor heating solution

Electric patio heaters, or infrared patio heaters, are an ideal choice for outdoor heating because they produce 100% radiant warmth. This type of warmth heats people, objects and surfaces directly, rather than the surrounding air, so there’s less chance of heat being lost to the wind – perfect for outdoor spaces.

Benefits of electric patio heaters

It’s not just 100% radiant warmth that makes these heaters special. Equipped with a whole host of benefits, there are a number of reasons why electric patio heaters make a great choice, such as:    

  • 100% efficient: once switched on, these heaters take every watt of energy drawn from the plug socket and converts it into usable heat, so you always know where your money is going.
  • Fast-acting warmth: highly responsive, electric patio heaters are quick to warm up, supplying heat in a matter of moments.
  • DIY-friendly: there are plenty of DIY options available and even if the heater requires hardwiring, this is a straightforward task for any contractor.
  • Zero maintenance: with no need for annual safety checks or plumbing extensions, this heating solution is as easy to maintain as it is efficient.
  • Easy to manage: whether you make use of the timer functions or select different heat outputs to match the weather, infrared heaters offer easy-navigation and flexible control.
  • Chic design options: from slick contemporary designs to modern finishes, you can easily choose a product that adds a touch of style to your exterior.

Top five ways to keep your outdoor party toasty

So, we know that electric patio heaters have a lot of plus points, but there are some other things you can do to create a toasty ambience for your party guests. To lend a hand, we’ve narrowed down the top five tips and tricks that are sure to help keep your loved ones warm throughout your soirée. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Invest in a hot drink dispenser

Whilst a cold beer or can of coke might be tempting, you can’t beat a hot toddy on a chilly night. Cheap and cheerful, hot drink dispensers start at around twenty pounds – an affordable way to warm your cockles. Plus, from hot chocolate to boozy punch, there are many hot drink recipes available online, so catering to a mixed crowd won’t be an issue.  

2. Put up wind blockers

Good-old fashioned windbreakers aren’t just for the beach – they work equally well in commercial and domestic exteriors. In fact, modern wind blockers are made from sturdy materials and boast intelligent designs, making them that much more reliable. These props can be especially useful in locations that face turbulent weather, such as houses in coastal towns or rural settings. 

3. Create a warm ambience

There are plenty of ways to cultivate a snug atmosphere for your guests. We’d suggest providing each attendee with a thick blanket that they can cosy up in. Why not go one step further and invest in a fire-pit for your guests to huddle around? You could even provide some marshmallows for them to toast! Lighting is also important – perhaps it’s worth shopping around for outdoor lamps that emit a soft orange glow or, better yet, opting for a patio heater that produces a soothing glare.

4. Add a freestanding or wall-mounted patio heater

A sure-fired way to maintain a warm garden party is to install an electric patio heater. If you regularly host social gatherings in a sheltered area like your pergola, it’s worth considering wall-mounting your heater, which can be easily done by a qualified electrician. The contractor will hardwire the heater into the mains of your property in no time at all, so you can enjoy patio parties all year long. For more flexible celebrations, why not purchase a patio heater and a compatible stand – once fitted, all you have to do is plug it into a suitable socket and there you have it, your own portable outdoor heating solution. Top tip – tactically position the freestanding heater so it faces the seating area in your sheltered area, for optimal comfort.

5. Schedule outdoor heating ahead of time

If you decide to install an infrared heating system, some solutions allow you to program your heater in advance, to ensure your garden is toasty at just the right time. For example, the Stratus features a 24-hour timer function which lets you program warmth for each hour of the day for up to 24 hours, providing complete control over your garden heating. With the Stratus, you can plan for the heating to come on way before your guests arrive, so they won’t have to wait around in the cold – something they’re sure to appreciate.

Featured patio heater – The Ecostrad Thermaglo

Producing robust yet gentle heat, the Thermaglo is ideal for use over long periods of time thanks to its advanced carbon fibre heating element. So, if your party goes on for longer than expected, you can rely on the Thermaglo to continue providing durable radiant warmth long into the night.

Top 3 Features

  • Weatherproof IP55
  • Handy timer function
  • 4-stage power output

Depending on the weather that day, you can select between four different power outputs – 800w, 1200w, 1600w or 2000w, so you can experiment with the heat levels until you find the perfect temperature. The timer function is also highly convenient, letting you seamlessly coordinate outdoor warmth in line with your guests arrival time. With freestanding and wall-mounting options, you can readily customise the Thermaglo so it best matches your needs – simply purchase a compatible stand for portability or hire a contractor for speedy permanent fitting, the choice is yours. Complete with unique teardrop shaped panes and a slick black finish, this heater also brings a touch of style to any garden party. So, if you’re looking for a chic and versatile outdoor heating solution, the Thermaglo is just the ticket.

Entertain in comfort with our premium patio heaters

When it comes to being the ultimate host and providing your guests with a warm outdoor party, it’s clear that electric patio heaters are the way forward. Whilst other hacks like blankets and lighting certainly help, installing an infrared heating system guarantees a toasty environment for everyone to relax in and enjoy. To find your ideal patio heater, browse our extensive range now.