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Friday, 26 October 2018 11:05:56 Europe/London

Garden at Night As autumn progresses, the temperature is, slowly but surely dropping and it’s easy for those long summer days, spent in the garden to feel like another life entirely. For many of us, autumn is associated with the act of retreating indoors but, while cosy days certainly have their place, it’s important to remember that aside from reduced temperatures, clear autumn days are great for getting outdoors. The simple addition of a halogen heater to your garden is a certain way to ensure that you can combine the cosy feeling of days indoors with the crisp autumn air to make the most of your garden this season.

To help you find the perfect halogen heater for your outdoor space, here are our top picks:


Powerful Halogen Heaters for Large Gardens

Ecostrad Sunglo Infrared Patio HeaterIf you want to make the most of your large garden this autumn, our stylish Ecostrad Sunglo Patio Heater is your perfect pick. The Sunglo boasts a contemporary honeycomb grill and a sleek silver finish so the attractive design of this halogen heater will enhance your garden in more ways than one. The Sunglo is a highly effective outdoor heater that uses the most powerful form of infrared, shortwave, to provide warmth to your outdoor space instantaneously. The intense heat and wide reach of the Sunglo make it an ideal choice for larger gardens. To give you greater control, all Sunglo heaters come equipped with a remote control that allows you to choose between two heat outputs. This feature truly enables you to embrace the diverse weather that autumn can bring in the knowledge that you can heat your garden comfortably, whatever the weather. Because the Sunglo can be fixed to a portable stand or mounted to a parasol or wall with a bracket, it’s a highly versatile outdoor heating solution that really gives you the ability to manoeuvre around your garden and by extension, make the most of your garden, in comfort.

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Best Outdoor Heaters for Cosy Patios

Mensa Imus Under Table Infrared HeaterIf you’d like to enjoy a cosier patio space this season, the Mensa Imus Heater is an ideal choice. Once plugged in to a power source, you’re free to place your Imus Heater wherever you need it! Using shortwave infrared technology, the Imus can be discreetly placed under your patio table to provide instantaneous heat. The infrared used by the Imus ensures that it heats you, rather than the air around you so while your autumnal garden may be cold, you certainly won’t be. The Imus is extremely lightweight and portable meaning that you can easily move your heating solution to suit you. Available in both grey and black colour variations, the Imus is a stylish, portable and practical halogen patio heater that is ideal for autumn evenings outdoors.

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Gentle Halogen Heaters for Commercial Spaces

Whether you’re a café, pub or restaurant owner, a halogen heater, like the Herschel Colorado, is the ideal way to ensure that your customers can still Herschel Colorado Infrared Heaterenjoy your outdoor spaces this autumn. The Colorado uses mediumwave infrared technology and a carbon heating element to provide a gentle, consistent and wide-ranging heat that is perfect for commercial spaces. As a wall mounted halogen heater, the Colorado is a discreet but effective heating solution. Mounted at a low height, the Colorado will produce an intense and focused heat whereas mounted higher up, you can achieve a gentler warmth throughout a wider space. For greater control over which area of your commercial space you heat, it is also possible to mount the Colorado to a freestanding patio heater stand. The classic black appearance and comfortable, consistent heat-output of the Colorado make it the perfect heating choice for busy, commercial spaces.

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So, whatever the size and function of your outdoor space, we have a halogen heater that can help you enjoy getting outside, regardless of dropping temperatures.

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