Even the great British summer is not without its pitfalls. Sometimes our northern climate doesn’t provide us with the barbeque worthy weather we deserve, and it is often difficult to enjoy an evening outside when really you need more than a jumper to warm you up.  Infrared heating has been leading the field in electric outdoor and indoor heating for a while now, with its ability to heat larger, high ceilinged areas with ease, utilising advanced technology which uses your energy efficiently, while maintaining a high level of quality and comfort.

Why infrared?

Infrared heaters are some of the most aesthetic heating solutions around, but the science behind them is what really makes them so fantastic for both domestic and commercial use. Conventional heating systems often utilise a less efficient, more traditional method of heating air through a convectional air current flow.  Instead, infrared heaters produce infrared radiation directly into the room, warming gently, yet effectively, and heating the walls and objects, rather than just the air. This means that it is less susceptible to draughts and more suited to heating large air spaces such as halls and churches, as the heat can be targeted towards living levels, rather than wasting energy heating the huge area of space above. This technology also makes it perfect for commercial use where it can sometimes be difficult to find efficient ways of heating large spaces without occupying too much space or ruining your aesthetic.

Ecostrad Thermostrip

Thermostrip mounted outsideThe Ecostrad Thermostrip electric heater has long since been one of our bestsellers, with its versatility of applications and its outstanding quality. To extend the range, we have introduced the 3.2kW Ecostrad Thermostrip, perfect for heating larger spaces and fulfilling all of your commercial needs. The new wattage is designed specifically to do just that, by making it possible to heat a larger area with far more ease. The efficiency of using an infrared heater means that you can slim down your heating bills, using less electricity and subsequently benefiting the environment.

Elegant design

Many commercial businesses and private homeowners struggle to maintain an attractive environment when installing a heating system, with the concern being that radiators or even traditional electric patio heaters are ugly and unaesthetic. But the powerful and advanced technology of the Ecostrad Thermostrip has certainly not lead to any compromises in the appearance department.  With its sleek, only 70 millimetre thick design it can blend in anywhere and go almost unnoticed. The beautiful matte black, minimalistic appearance only adds to the overriding sense of sophistication it exudes.

It’s an indoor infrared heater…

The Ecostrad Thermostrip can heat up to 24m2 when placed inside, making it perfect for larger restaurant areas, public halls, and even warehouses, which are notoriously difficult to heat efficiently as a result of the large volume of air involved. It can be fitted to suit your requirements, whether that be mounted out of the way on the ceiling or attached to the wall with the provided fixtures. They are small and sleek enough to not take up too much of your space, again making it ideal for commercial areas.

… And an electric patio heater too!

Ecostrad ThermostripThe versatility of this product means that in addition to indoor use, the Ecostrad Thermostrip can be used outside in sheltered spaces such as verandas and restaurant terraces. It is unlike traditional electric outdoor heaters which provide a powerful, but sometimes uncomfortable warmth after extended periods of time. Instead, the Ecostrad Thermostrip, like many of our infrared heaters, provides a lasting, more enjoyable temperature, due to the longer wavelength of the infrared radiation.  This makes it the ideal choice for any outside seating area you plan to spend a lot of time in during the coming months, providing a pleasant, cosy outdoor space you can enjoy. It can heat up to 18m2, depending on the level of shelter in your outdoor space, making it perfectly suited to slightly larger domestic or commercial areas. More powerful patio heaters which produce near infrared radiation, like the Ecostrad Sunglo, are available if you are looking to heat a less sheltered outdoor space.

Ecostrad Thermostrip remoteConfused about remotes?

All sizes of Ecostrad Thermostrip come with the option of a remote. This has the potential to confuse some people, but the logic behind our advice is simple; if you are purchasing your Ecostrad Thermostrip for an outdoor area, you should purchase with the remote, which allows you to change to one of three heat settings. The heater also has a timer setting which can be set in advance of up to nine hours, to allow maximum ease of use. See the product description for more details.

If you are purchasing your heater for indoor use, we advise purchasing without the remote, as this means that a thermostat can be fitted, to allow for very accurate heating control. Both require fitting by a professional electrician.

Electric patio heaters are the future

Considering the afore mentioned sophisticated design and technology, it is not surprising that the Ecostrad Thermostrip is one of our bestselling products and leads the way in indoor and outdoor infrared heating. Our new and extended range makes it even easier for you to utilise this technology in your own home or business, regardless of the size of your space – we now have something for everyone!

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