Can I Refit my Home with Infrared Heaters on a Budget?

Friday, 6 July 2018 10:10:15 Europe/London

Piggy BankWhen renovating a property, it’s always the heating system that gets changed last – or sometimes not at all! When there’s all the fun of painting and decorating, or picking out carpets and statement furniture, upgrading your heating doesn’t quite provoke the same feeling of excitement. Given that you’ve likely spent a large portion of your budget putting your own unique stamp on your home, spending more money on your heating certainly starts to get less and less appealing. But it doesn’t have to be this way – we offer a range of affordable infrared heaters that are ideal for anyone working within a tighter budget. They’re not just some unfashionable, wall-hogging white boxes either; our infrared heaters boast contemporary designs and ultra-slim housings so you’ll even find they look a treat against your carefully chosen décor. Here are our top picks for budget infrared heaters:


Ecostrad IR-HS Infrared Heating Panels

Ecostrad IR-HS350 Infrared PanelInfrared panels are a superb choice for newly refurbished properties because they have a sleek, contemporary look that automatically makes any space look stylish. Their ultra-slim housings mean you can do away with bulkier electric heaters and give your room a more open, airy feel. We offer plenty of premium panels in our range but if you want avant-garde heating without breaking the bank, our Ecostrad IR-HS panels are a great place to start. These infrared heaters have a minimalist feel with their white aluminium housings and lean, picture frame thickness. They might have a lower price tag than premium panels but they still offer all the same gentle and effective warmth that will keep your home comfortably heated. Ecostrad IR-HS infrared panels are wonderfully versatile heaters that can be wall or ceiling mounted as you desire, giving you the freedom to keep your walls entirely free for family photos or artwork. Ceiling mounting your infrared panel is also a great solution for children’s rooms as it ensures the heater is kept well out of reach. Prices for Ecostrad IR-HS panels start at £149.99 and are a must-have for low-cost heating. To make the most out of your infrared panels, we highly recommend fitting them with a thermostat. Digital thermostats allow you to heat your rooms to specific temperatures and give you access to full weekly programming so you can create a heating schedule that fits around your routine. Whether you want a sophisticated wireless system or just basic turn-dial control, we offer thermostats to suit every budget.


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Ecostrad IR-Mir500 Infrared Mirror PanelEcostrad IR-Mir Infrared Mirror Panels

Though the IR-HS range can also be used in bathrooms, Ecostrad’s IR-Mir range really comes into its own in this part of the home. Instead of having a smooth aluminium finish, IR-Mir panels have a reflective surface so your bathroom heater can offer a convenient 2-in-1 solution. It’ll provide effective warmth for your bathroom whilst also masquerading as an ordinary household mirror – a wonderfully discreet solution that will leave guests wondering just where the heat is coming from… So not only are IR-Mir panels excellent budget heaters, they’re also exceptionally good choices for small cloakrooms that need to make the most of the available space. Infrared heaters provide an additional benefit for bathrooms because their gentle radiant heat helps to prevent condensation. Far infrared is easily absorbed by the walls, floor and ceiling and keeps surfaces warm so water vapour is less likely to condense. It’s for this reason that the surface of these infrared mirror panels never mists up whilst they’re heating. Our smallest IR-Mir infrared panel is priced at £299.99 and will make a great addition to any room in the house.


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Ecostrad Sunglo Infrared Patio Heaters

Ecostrad Sunglo with Optional StandThe budget heaters don’t stop there – we even offer solutions for outdoor spaces so you can comfortably heat your property inside and out. If you’re looking to overhaul your patio and make it the welcoming garden space you’ve always dreamed of, an electric patio heater can make all the difference. The Ecostrad Sunglo offers vigorous and instantaneous heat so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout most of the year. Instead of being relegated indoors during the spring and autumn, the Sunglo will provide effective heat that will help you maximise your time outdoors. It even comes with its own remote control so you can select between two heat levels. Use its full output on cooler days when you need more warmth or use its lower setting to save energy. Though it has basic functionality, this handy feature can help to slim down running costs and gives you greater control over your comfort. At just £149.99, the Sunglo is a wonderful low-cost solution and can also be purchased with additional accessories for more installation options. It can be used with the Ecostrad Patio Heater Stand to make your heater a portable, freestanding heat source; or a parasol bracket, which allows the Sunglo to be attached to the underside of a patio umbrella.


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Affordable, Stylish Solutions with Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are the only system that allow you to enjoy total comfort inside and outside your home. Our budget heating solutions boast exceptional build quality so you can enjoy reliable heating year on year. Browse our white and mirror Ecostrad infrared panels for low-cost home heating, or for effective heat in your garden, be sure to take a look at our excellent electric patio heaters. For indoor heating, we also offer a range of digital thermostats with in-depth programming so you can take total control over your energy usage and ensure running costs are kept at an absolute minimum.

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