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Are infrared heaters cheap to run?

Are infrared heaters cheap to run?

Infrared heaters are very cost effective to run because their long-lasting heat allows them to keep spaces warm using less energy. This is, in fact, key to why their running costs are so low. When your rooms are heated by far infrared, it sinks deep into the fabric of your property, making your space feel warmer for much longer. But this is just part of the reason why infrared heaters are so affordable to run. In this blog, we’re going to look at what makes them so economical and why they could be the ideal heating solution for your property.

Ecostrad Accent IR white infrared heating panel on wall

What makes infrared heaters cost effective?

Here are the top 5 reasons why the running costs for infrared heaters are substantially lower than other traditional heating methods:

1.      Their enduring heat means they can warm rooms using a lower wattage

You may have noticed when browsing infrared products that a lot of them have far lower outputs compared to other electric heaters and there’s a reason for that. When an infrared heater produces radiant warmth, all of this heat is absorbed by solid objects, essentially heating up the brickwork of your property. Radiant heat is retained for much longer compared to heated air, which can easily escape to cooler areas of the home, so an infrared product can keep a room warm using substantially less power. This is reflected in their wattages and makes them super-efficient, low energy heaters.

2.      You can turn down the thermostat by a few degrees and still feel comfortable

Infrared also offers another big plus point. When the walls and surfaces of your home warm up, they then re-radiate this heat back into every corner of the room, bringing it up to a uniform temperature. This is in stark contrast to convection-based heating systems that can leave you with the dreaded ‘hot ceiling, cold floor’ scenario. Because infrared heat warms evenly, many users find that they can turn down their thermostat by a few degrees and still feel comfortably warm, offering plenty of scope for reducing running costs.

Herschel Inspire black glass infrared panel above bed

3.      Infrared heaters let you direct warmth to where it’s needed first

Though infrared heaters eventually bring the whole room up to the same temperature, they act on a line-of-sight basis first, so whatever they’re pointed toward will receive the majority of the benefit. This can be tremendously useful because you can point your heaters toward areas you use often – like your sofa, desk or bed – to ensure that you’re getting all of that comfortable heat first. In spacious rooms, it can be a very economical choice as you’re never wasting heat and energy trying to warm the total air volume of the space. Simply direct the heat you need to your main living spaces and keep cosy around the clock.

4.      Infrared heaters are zero maintenance and have long lifespans

Even the way they’re manufactured can help to save you money. Infrared heaters are known for their simple yet exceptionally robust design that will last for decades without replacement. Just take a look at the length of the warranty periods for these products if you need any convincing. Infrared heaters also require no maintenance over their lifespan so there’s no annual servicing or expensive cover needed to keep this heating system running.

ecostrad Accent IR digtial thermostatic remote control

5.      They can be paired with digital thermostats for precision energy management

To maximise efficiency even further, a digital thermostat will allow you to create a custom weekly schedule for your infrared heaters so that they warm your home in a way that complements your routine. This ensures that they don’t waste energy heating empty spaces but also brings rooms to the perfect temperature before you come to use them. Digital thermostats monitor room temperatures with a high degree of accuracy so as soon as your space reaches the right heat level, it will stop your infrared heaters from drawing power. This again helps to minimise energy waste and put money back in your pocket. For completely optimised running costs, look for smart thermostats that allow your infrared heaters to be controlled via WiFi. Using a smart heating system, you can control your heaters through an app on your phone, so even if you’re away from home, you can tweak your settings as needed. It’s a great way to trim down running costs and means you stay in control of your heating system no matter where you go.

Energy-efficient & stylish heating solutions

Being cheap to run is one of the main benefits of infrared heaters but that’s not all they offer. They’re stylish, slimline and offer versatile installation – a great solution for homes and businesses alike. If you’re ready to see what infrared heating can do for you, contact our team of experts who can create a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your project, or browse our range for more inspiration.