A Simple Guide for Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Heater

A Simple Guide for Choosing Your Perfect Outdoor Heater

Electric outdoor heaterKeeping warm outdoors can be a real struggle in the cooler months. Whether you enjoy a drink in the garden or dinner under the stars, thanks to the wonderfully changeable British weather, chances are you’re going to need something to shut out the cold. From roaring gas burners to discreet electric heaters, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice for outdoor heating. To help you find the right solution for your space, we’ve compiled a simple guide to point you in the right direction…

Gas or electric?

An inefficient gas heater

In the past, people have turned to static gas burners for outdoor heating. Hooked up to an umbrella-style hood, gas burners essentially feed an open flame. One of the least environmentally-conscious ways to keep warm, gas patio heaters are unwieldy, bulky objects that take up a great deal of space – hardly the ideal solution for a typically-sized garden.

Eco-friendly, fast-acting, and available in a range of styles, electric heaters are great alternatives to gas burners. They can be discreetly mounted out of sight, used with a compatible tripod for portable heating, and don’t create any emissions – making them considerably more environmentally friendly than gas.

Outdoor electric heaters aren’t the same as electric heaters you might find inside your home. These outdoor equivalents still use electricity but create a different type of heat that’s better suited for outdoor applications. Rather than using convection, a process where air is warmed and circulated around a room, outdoor heaters use infrared radiation to create heat. A phenomenon as natural as visible light, infrared radiation is a harmless form of energy which absorbs directly into the skin, creating warmth. Rather than heating the air, infrared warms objects and people directly – making it the ideal choice for outdoor spaces where air currents would disrupt conventional indoor heating methods.

Available in all shapes and sizes, outdoor heaters offer subtly different ways to heat your patio or outdoor space. To help you choose the best outdoor heater, here are some key things to consider…

Low glare or no glare?

Herschel California Infrared Heater - Gold 2kW with Remote

Low glare and no glare refers to the amount of visible light that’s emitted from an electric outdoor heater. Heaters with “low glare” emit a soft orange glow, something you may have seen before in beer gardens or outdoor shelters. Outdoor heaters with “no glare” don’t emit any visible light whatsoever, making them a discreet heat source.

The Herschel California is one of our most attractive low glare outdoor heaters. Finished in either black, silver, or a stunning gold, the California adds a touch of glamour to any outdoor space. Using soothing mediumwave infrared, the California provides an invigorating heat that cuts through the cold. If you don’t mind the rosy orange glow, this is the ideal outdoor heater for you.

Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared Heater - 2.4kW with RemoteFor covert outdoor heating, look no further than the Ecostrad Thermostrip. Producing no visible light, the Thermostrip is the perfect choice for covered outdoor areas that need a discreet heat source. Finished in a subtle black, the Thermostrip blends into the background, providing gentle infrared heat without the distracting glow of a quartz heater.

Wall or ceiling mounted?

Ecostrad Sunglo Infrared Patio Heater - Silver 2kW with Remote

The type of outdoor space you need to heat largely dictates whether you need a wall or ceiling mounted outdoor heater. For covered terraces or verandas, or any outdoor structure with a roof, a ceiling mounted outdoor heater will provide plenty of heat coverage. For conventional gardens without a structure to ceiling mount from, wall mounting is the ideal option.

The majority of our outdoor patio heaters can be wall mounted, providing out-of-reach heating with minimal intrusion into your garden. The Ecostrad Sunglo, a versatile 2000w outdoor heater, can be wall mounted with ease. Finished in brushed metal, with an intricate honeycomb grill, the Sunglo is the stylish way to heat your outdoor space. 

Caloray Infrared Heating Disc - 2000wComplete with a two-stage heat output, the Sunglo can be manually adjusted for full or half power – useful for mild and extremely chilly evenings on the patio. For ceiling mounting under a fixed structure, like a covered patio or veranda, the Caloray is a great choice. One of our newest infrared heaters, the award-winning Caloray uses a no glare wire filament, creating soothing heat that covers an area up to 4.5m². A subtly designed outdoor heater, the Caloray’s minimalist disc-shaped housing provides a contemporary aesthetic, the best choice for the modern home. Available with multiple accessories, like mounting rods, hoods, and hangers, the Caloray is fully customisable, integrating into any design scheme.

Commercial or domestic?

Herschel Colorado Infrared Heater - Black 2.5kW with Remote

Infrared heaters differ for commercial or domestic use. Typically, commercial outdoor heaters have a higher wattage, capable of projecting heat over a larger area, whereas domestic outdoor heaters tend to have lower wattages, ideal for smaller outdoor spaces.

For sheltered outdoor commercial spaces, such as loading bays or partially covered workshops, the Herschel Colorado is a superb choice. Using a low glare carbon heating element, the Colorado provides 10,000+ hours of use, projecting heat over a maximum area of 18m². Perfect for lofty industrial areas, the Colorado’s heat output can be adjusted in 25% increments for total heating control.

The Ecostrad Thermaglo is the domestic equivalent of the Colorado, a great choice for use on the patio. Styled in a sleek black housing, with tear-drop detailing, the Thermaglo is the aesthetic choice for outdoor heating. Using a similar low glare carbon heating element to the Colorado, the Thermaglo provides a gentle heat that isn’t as harsh as other types of infrared.
Ecostrad Thermaglo Infrared Patio Heater - Black 2kW with RemoteWith four heat levels and an adjustable timer function, the Thermaglo is versatile, effective, and easy to use with the included remote control. Simply point and press, and the Thermaglo does the rest.

Whether you need low glare or no glare, commercial or domestic, wall or ceiling mounted electric heaters, there’s an endless variety to choose from. All of which can be found at Infrared Heaters Direct. For more information, visit our website or get in touch with our sales team.