Infrared Heaters for Student Accommodation



Heating a student property is a tricky business. No two student accommodation blocks are the same and finding a low-cost heating solution that works across the board can be difficult. The challenges student accommodation providers have to face include: different sized rooms spread across different floors, care-free student heating habits, comings-and-goings at all hours, and constantly opening windows and doors.


Such unmanageable spaces make cost-effective heating a challenge and conventional heating systems fail to deliver. Central heating becomes inefficient and unwieldy when scaled up. Convection heaters work tirelessly to establish comfortable temperatures, only to lose all their warmth the second a door is left ajar. Storage heaters are only economical on restrictive night-time tariffs, which inflate daytime electricity rates.


For adaptable and efficient student property heating, there’s only one solution: infrared panels. Infrared heating panels can cope with all the demands of student living. Easy to install with no on-going maintenance, infrared panels can be plugged in and screwed to the wall in minutes, providing energy-efficient heating without any of the drawbacks of conventional heating methods. Infrared panels don’t require an electrician, don’t lose their heat to draughts or air currents, don’t take up too much room, and don’t surprise you with huge energy bills. Quick, simple, and hassle-free, infrared panels offer a practical solution for heating student properties. 


Infrared heating panels installed in student accommodation 




                                    Easy Plug in & Go Installation                                                                                                                                                Simple, Stylish Aesthetics 

                                    No On-Going Maintenance                                                                                                                                                    Slimline for Maximum Space-Saving                           

                                    No Electrician Required                                                                                                                                                           Prevents Damp & Gentle on Allergies

                                    Energy-Efficient Heating                                                                                                                                                         Controllable from One Central Location



Gentle Infrared Heat

Rather than warming spaces like a traditional convector heater, infrared heat is directly absorbed by objects and people: heating you, not the air. This means all the warmth stays inside the room rather than drifting away where it isn’t needed. This ensures you’re not wasting energy or money by heating unused spaces.


Because infrared heat is absorbed by anything in its path, including the fabric of the building itself, it can even help to dry out condensation – stopping the spread of damp and increasing the longevity of the building. Infrared doesn’t disrupt air currents either, which means allergens or dust particles that linger in the air won’t be cycled around the room – an added bonus for student health.


Infrared panels resolve all the issues created by conventional heating in student properties. By heating the room itself and not the air inside it, infrared panels won’t create a stuffy or dry heat. Instead, they provide a soothing warmth that feels natural and comfortable.

 Infrared heating panels installed on wall and in a suspended ceiling grid



Stylish, Slimline Design

No thicker than a picture frame, infrared panels are the perfect space-saving option for compact student rooms.


Our largest heating panels are a mere 25mm, allowing rooms to feel as spacious as possible by freeing up valuable space. The majority of our infrared panels are suitable for wall mounted installation and simply plug into the wall and hang like a TV.


All you need to get your panels up and running is a few drill-holes for the mounting brackets and a plug socket – it really is that simple. We even stock heating panels that fit into a suspended ceiling grid for completely unobtrusive heating. Infrared panels can even be hardwired into the wall if you’d prefer a tamperproof, secure fitting.

Controllable Heating

To get the best from the building’s infrared panels, and to ensure they’re running as efficiently as possible, it’s always a good idea to purchase a thermostat or controller. Infrared panels can either be used independently, with separate thermostats for each panel, or grouped together into distinct zones using a controller.


Zoning the building’s infrared panels enables you to control each one from a single point, allowing each individual room to maintain its own comfortable level of heat. This flexible approach ensures you’re in complete control, catering to everyone’s separate needs without having to purchase multiple thermostats.


For optimum performance, ease of use, and lower running costs, we’d always recommend you combine infrared panels with a thermostatic controller.


Cost-Saving Potential

Compared to gas boilers, that require regular servicing, and central heating radiators, that require bleeding, infrared panels are completely maintenance free. Most can be fitted DIY at no cost and there’s no need for an electrician. Infrared panels also run on a standard energy tariff. This, together with low running costs, makes infrared heating panels one of the most efficient heating systems available.


In a case study conducted by our leading infrared panel supplier, several infrared panels were installed in three classrooms at a secondary school. One in an art room with no direct sunlight, one in an office with direct sunlight, and one in a 6th form common room. Over a 12-week period, the heating for these classrooms was constantly monitored and recorded. The end results showed an 82% saving on the school’s heating bill, with a forecast cost of just £9.83 for the entire day’s heating compared to £28.79 with conventional gas heating. In terms of student housing, the low-cost possibilities are clear.


To see how your student property can benefit from infrared heating, or for help choosing the right infrared heating panels, contact our sales team on 0330 880 8383 for helpful advice and a no-obligation quote. Alternatively, browse our range of infrared heating panels on our website.


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