Herschel Select Ceiling Tile Infrared Panel - White 350w


The Herschel Select Ceiling Tile is a great heating solution for office spaces where it will integrate seamlessly with any standard ceiling grid. With a 350w power output, this infrared panel can keep areas of up to 8m2 warm and can even be installed in bathrooms, for effective radiant warmth throughout your property.

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With an aluminium frame and understated design, the Herschel Select White Ceiling Tile integrates easily with any standard ceiling grid. It is an affordable heating solution designed to be used with the Herschel iQ Control System for both manual and WiFi control. Providing gentle far infrared heat, the Select Ceiling Tile is efficient, effective and the perfect choice for commercial heating.

The Select Ceiling Tile frees up wall space and allows for a comfortable spread of heat across larger areas in a minimalist way. This ceiling-mounted infrared panel is especially great for keeping those open-plan spaces warm by projecting heat downwards to ensure that everyone in the office feels the benefit of gentle radiant heat. By installing a ceiling tile, there will be no risk of anyone accidentally touching its hot surface, which is an ideal solution for any properties where there might be young children or vulnerable adults present.

As heat rises, ceiling-mounted panels stay hotter for longer, reaching temperatures between 95 – 115 °C. Once the Select Ceiling Tile has been professionally fitted into a suspended ceiling grid, it will get to work on dispersing discreet warmth evenly and unobstructed across a room. The Select Ceiling Tile produces far infrared heat that is easily absorbed by surrounding objects, essentially turning your room into a 360° heater and minimising the chance of heat loss through any draughts.  

iQ Control System

The Herschel Select Ceiling Tile does not come with in-built controls. This is to protect the lifespan of the product, which will usually extend for decades. Durable with no moving parts, the Herschel Select Ceiling Tile should outlive any digital components and it’s for this reason that we sell thermostats, timers and programmers separately. Your controllers wire in separately, and you can replace them as many times as you want without damaging the panels. This also gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to control your panels – collectively or individually, automatically or manually, remotely or directly.

The Select Ceiling Tile can be controlled with the iQ Thermostatic Control System which offers manual and WiFi control. The MD1 Hardwired Thermostat, the T1 Room Thermostat and the R1 Receiver are all compatible with the iQ Hub, a device that connects to your home router so that you can instantly relay changes to the other components in your heating system. Download the Herschel heating app onto your smartphone or tablet and adjust more than one heater at a time to experience more efficient heat management.

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