Herschel iQ Additional Receiver


Experience convenient remote control with the Herschel iQ Additional Receiver which works in conjunction with the T1 Room Thermostat for zoned control of your infrared heaters.

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The Herschel iQ system is designed to provide comprehensive control over all your Herschel heaters. Once your heaters are wired into a R1 Receiver, they can be controlled wirelessly by the T1 Thermostat. 

Each iQ receiver is able to pick up wireless signals from the thermostat and will relay any inputted commands to the heaters so that your heating system is automatically updated to reflect any changes. Once your heater is hard-wired to a receiver, you will be able to control your entire heating system from a single point of use, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

All of the functions included with the iQ room thermostat or controller are accessible once you’ve fitted receivers to your heaters. You will be able to create a bespoke heating schedule for your working week, as well as different routines for Saturday and Sunday; use the comfort, energy-saving and holiday modes provided or take advantage of the open window detection function which will cut power to the heaters if the room temperature drops too quickly. 

A boost button is also incorporated into each receiver which allows you to enjoy a quick burst of heat for an hour without altering your schedule.

Each receiver can accommodate a maximum load of 10 Amps (2300W at 230V) but the manufacturer recommends a 8.5 Amp continuous load (1955W at 230V) if you're going to be using your heaters often. If you want to zone your heating – i.e. have separate heating schedules for different areas of your home – you will need to purchase multiple T1 Thermostats. If you prefer to control your heaters over WiFi, the iQ MD2 thermostat will be a more suitable choice with distance programming and voice integration made possible via the Smart Life app. 

These receivers come with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and are only for use with Herschel heaters.