Herschel Inspire Infrared Heating Panel - White 420w (600 x 600mm)


The 420w white Herschel Inspire Infrared Heating Panel is a modern and intuitive heating solution. Experience intuitive control by purchasing this radiant panel with the iQ thermostat and compatible iQ Hub to program your heating from anywhere in the world via WiFi. Slimline and effective, the 420w Herschel Inspire is suitable for the home and office. 

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Herschel Inspire Panels provide a versatile infrared heating system, with nine sizes of slimline panel which can be fitted on walls and ceilings. This 420w panel is a perfectly square panel, and, as one of the smaller heaters in this range, is ideal for placing in the most innocuous of locations. The 600 x 600mm panel is specifically designed to replace a standard ceiling tile in a suspended ceiling grid – perfect for large commercial offices, as well as smaller domestic settings such as box rooms, studies or guest bathrooms.

The Inspire collection is Herschel’s range of premium infrared panels, crafted to an exceptional degree of quality and designed to last for decades. Our Inspire white panels sport an understated white powder finish and lightweight aluminium frame, helping them fit easily into any interior design scheme. However, if the plain white finish of the Inspire isn’t quite your style, you can customise your panels however you want using heat-resistant paint. Get creative and make a bespoke statement piece for every room.

Unlike many other traditional heating methods, infrared panels come with a range of installation options: mount them on the ceiling, fit them to the wall like a picture frame, or use them free standing with the additional purchase of a set of feet. Their slim 25mm housings make them fantastic space-saving alternatives, and by mounting them on the ceiling, they can even be used in children’s rooms or public spaces where they’ll be kept well out of reach. Inspire panels reach a temperature range of 85 – 95 °C to deliver comfortable far infrared heat that’s perfect for everyday heating indoors.

Inspire panels can be wall mounted DIY with only a few basic tools, and by fitting a plug to the cable, you can even install them yourself with minimal effort. However, if you prefer a wire-free finish or want to use your heater in a bathroom, you can also have them hardwired by a professional electrician.

Thermostats & Controllers

Herschel Inspire Panels do not come with in-built controls. This is to protect the lifespan of the products, which will usually extend for decades, well beyond the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Rugged and durable, with no moving parts, your Herschel Inspire panels should outlive any digital components. It’s for this reason that we sell thermostats, timers and programmers separately. Your controllers wire in separately, and you can replace them as many times as you want without damaging the panels. This also gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to control your panels – collectively or individually, automatically or manually, remotely or directly.

We always recommend installing your panels with a programmable thermostat. Thermostats monitor and maintain temperatures, whilst programmers allow you to set each panel to a heating schedule with different temperatures at different times of the day. This will drastically reduce your energy usage, and ensures your rooms are comfortable whenever you need them. Infrared panels with thermostatic controls can be up to 60% more efficient than traditional convection heating systems.

Benefits of Far Infrared

Infrared panels give off most of their heat as far infrared radiation. This is a gentle, natural form of heat which travels at a similar wavelength to the heat given off by our bodies. Far infrared feels gentle but is easily absorbed by our bodies, making it one of the most efficient ways to heat homes and offices. Unlike outdoor infrared products which give off visible light and a more intense form of infrared heat, far infrared remains comfortable for hours on end – a luxurious heating solution that’s ideal for all your main living spaces. Other uses for far infrared include spas, yoga studios and incubators for babies.

Infrared heating is growing in popularity all the time as home and business owners recognise the unique benefits and unparalleled energy efficiency offered by these versatile panels. Radiant heat warms people, objects and surfaces directly, minimising the heat loss through draughts and the circulation of air. Radiant heat allows you to zone your heating, and it can also reduce damp and prevent the circulation of dust – the ideal heating solution for allergy sufferers. The panels are durable, require no maintenance and are the natural choice to pair with solar panels for 100% carbon free heating.