Herschel Inspire Infrared Heating Panel - Mirror 250w (600 x 300mm)


The mirror Herschel Inspire Infrared Heating Panel is a modern heating solution for modern interiors. The 250w version is ideal for smaller bathrooms and guestrooms where it will not only provide comfortable radiant warmth whenever it’s needed, but also function as a working mirror. With an ultra-slim design, the Inspire Mirror blends in seamlessly in every room. 

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Combine two essential room functions in one with a Herschel Inspire mirror panel – a completely hidden heat source that doubles up as a reflective surface. This small 250w mirror panel is ideal for narrow bathrooms and cloakrooms where a space saving heating solution is essential.

The Inspire collection is Herschel’s range of premium infrared panels, crafted to an exceptional degree of quality and designed to last for decades. Inspire mirror panels offer one of the most inconspicuous heating systems available, essentially camouflaging your heat source as an ordinary household mirror, whilst providing comfortable and energy-efficient radiant heat. If you need to use your space judiciously and don’t have the luxury of making room for a bulkier heater, these lean 25mm mirror panels are an unbeatable solution.

Herschel Inspire mirror panels are especially suited to installation in bathrooms as the heated surface of the panel acts as a mirror demister, ensuring the glass is always clear for use. They’re also a must if your bathroom suffers with persistent moisture issues because of the type of radiant heat they use. Far infrared is easily absorbed by walls and brickwork, which is then re-radiated out into the room. As surfaces are kept warm, these infrared panels will discourage moisture from settling on your walls and keep your bathroom wonderfully damp free. Infrared is unaffected by the movement of air, so even if you run your extractor fan to get rid of any water vapour, you can rest assured that none of your heater’s warmth is being lost.

Installation of these panels must be undertaken by a professional electrician if you want to use them in your bathroom or if you want to have a wire-free finish. However, if you’re planning to use them anywhere else in your home, they can be installed DIY with minimal effort by attaching a plug to the cable, then wall mounting the panel on the brackets provided. Inspire panels reach a temperature range of 85 – 95 °C to deliver comfortable far infrared heat that’s perfect for everyday heating indoors.

Our range of Herschel Inspire infrared mirror panels includes seven sizes: 250w, 350w, 420w, 550w, 750w, 900w and 1250w.

Thermostats & Controllers

Herschel Inspire panels do not come with in-built controls. This is to protect the lifespan of the products, which will usually extend for decades, well beyond the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Rugged and durable, with no moving parts, your Herschel Inspire panels should outlive any digital components. It’s for this reason that we sell thermostats, timers and programmers separately. Your controllers wire in separately, and you can replace them as many times as you want without damaging the panels. This also gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to control your panels – collectively or individually, automatically or manually, remotely or directly.

We always recommend installing your panels with a programmable thermostat. Thermostats monitor and maintain temperatures, whilst programmers allow you to set each panel to a heating schedule with different temperatures at different times of the day. This will drastically reduce your energy usage, and ensures your rooms are comfortable whenever you need them. Infrared panels with thermostatic controls can be up to 60% more efficient than traditional convection heating systems. Please be aware that many of our controllers are not suitable for use in bathrooms. Always check individual product pages for further information.  

Benefits of Far Infrared

Infrared panels give off most of their heat as far infrared radiation. This is a gentle, natural form of heat which travels at a similar wavelength to the heat given off by our bodies. Far infrared feels gentle but is easily absorbed by our bodies, making it one of the most efficient ways to heat homes and offices. Unlike outdoor infrared products which give off visible light and a more intense form of infrared heat, far infrared remains comfortable for hours on end – a luxurious heating solution that’s ideal for all your main living spaces. Other uses for far infrared include spas, yoga studios and incubators for babies.

Infrared heating is growing in popularity all the time as home and business owners recognise the unique benefits and unparalleled energy efficiency offered by these versatile panels. Radiant heat warms people, objects and surfaces directly, minimising the heat loss through draughts and the circulation of air. Radiant heat allows you to zone your heating, and it can also reduce damp and prevent the circulation of dust – the ideal heating solution for allergy sufferers. The panels are durable, require no maintenance and are the natural choice to pair with solar panels for 100% carbon free heating.