Herschel Aspect XL2 Far Infrared Heater - 1300w


The 1300w version of the Herschel Aspect XL2 Far Infrared Heater is the smallest in the range, but still offers a high output that can help to warm even those hard-to-heat spaces. Compact and finished in black this ceramic heater is a discreet heating solution, providing effective warmth with absolutely no glare.

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  • Product Details
    • Efficient & Effective
    • Discreet with No Glare
    • Compact Black Housing
    • Stylish Protective Grill
    • Gentle Radiant Warmth
    • Suitable for Domestic & Commercial Use
    • Perfect for Large, Indoor Spaces
    • For Sheltered Outdoor Installation
    • Ceramic Heating Elements
    • Wall Mounted Only
    • IPX4 Protection Rating
    • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • 550 x 138 x 95mms (WxHxD)
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    SKU 12500202
    Brand Herschel
    Product Weight (kg) 3.4
    Depth (mm) 95
    Height (mm) 138
    Width (mm) 550
    Wattage (w) 1300
    Cable Length (m) 1.5
    IP Rating IPX4
    IEC Class Protection Class I
    Suitable for Bathrooms Not Suitable
    Outdoor Heat Area - Max (m²) 6
    Outdoor Heat Area - Min (m²) 3
    Room Size - Modern Insulation (m²) 9
    Room Size - Poor Insulation (m²) 6
  • Manuals & Installation

    View or download the Herschel XL2 datasheet and information brochure here.

    Installation of this product must be undertaken by a professional electrician. It must not be installed DIY. The Herschel XL2 is designed for a wall mounted fitting only and must be installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Please ensure it is mounted 2.3 – 2.5m from the floor and no lower.

    Though infrared radiant heat is not affected by the movement of air, the sensation of far infrared can be offset by persistent gusts and breezes that may come in from open windows, doors or roller shutters. This is because wind-chill can cool your body quicker than radiant heat can warm it, so please bear this in mind when choosing an installation location for your heater. In ideal conditions, the Herschel Aspect XL2 will be able to heat areas up to 9m², however, this can be reduced by up to a third in exposed locations.

    The IPX4 rating of this product means that it is protected against splashing water and is suitable for installation in outdoor locations. For an outdoor fitting, the manufacturer recommends installing this heater beneath a permanent shelter that extends at least 2m from the wall. The heater itself should be at least 0.3m from the shelter’s surface. This is to ensure the unit has a long service life and will be well protected against particularly harsh weather conditions.

    To maximise the efficiency of your infrared heaters, we would highly recommend fitting them with additional controls. This can make them more versatile to use and also assist in reducing energy consumption to a minimum. We offer control units such as push-button timers, motion sensors and dimmers for outdoor heaters, as well as a wide range of thermostats for indoor installations. Though they may cost a little extra, heating controllers quickly pay for themselves by reducing your energy usage and your heating bills.

  • Warranty
    Herschel Aspect ceramic heaters come with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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  • What You Will Need

Herschel’s Aspect infrared heaters are the ideal match for large spaces that need effective, far-reaching heat from a discreet source. The inconspicuous appearance of the Aspect XL2 makes it perfect for providing comfortable heating over a wide area without resorting to bulky products that can take up valuable room.

No other heating method is as effective as infrared when it comes to comfort heating for open-plan and draughty interiors because it doesn’t rely on the movement of air to be felt. Convection heaters that work by producing warm air currents can be incredibly inefficient as heat is easily lost through draughts and poor insulation. Infrared radiation doesn’t have this issue. It travels through the air to warm people, surfaces and objects directly so all heat is transferred straight from the source to the end user. It’s a much more effective way of heating spacious, high heat-loss areas like conservatories, churches or garages, as infrared can be zoned and directed to specific areas that are occupied frequently without wasting energy warming the entire room.

Herschel ceramic heaters use far infrared heat to produce a comfortable sensation of warmth that can be felt on a deeper level compared to ordinary heaters. Their main advantage is that they combine the gentle heat of a domestic infrared solution but with a higher heat output that can project over larger spaces. Corporate meeting rooms, home conservatories, smoking shelters and hot yoga studios can all benefit from the effective warmth provided by a Herschel ceramic heater, and what’s more, they produce no visible light when in operation. The ceramic elements take around five minutes to heat up because of the gentler form of infrared they use, but once they get to temperature, they provide pleasant heating that’s perfect for keeping staff, customers and guests warm throughout the day.

The Aspect range is so versatile that it can even be used for outdoor installation. Its IPX4 splashproof protection rating makes it an excellent choice for restaurant terraces and alfresco seating areas that need a gentle yet effective heat source. The XL2 has a heat output of 1300W and can warm an area of 9m² in ideal conditions.

The Herschel Aspect XL2 has a compact black housing and a stylish protective grille which prevents the hot elements from being touched by accident. This additional safety feature makes the Aspect XL2 one of the few ceramic heaters suitable for both domestic and commercial installations where people may be in close proximity to the heater. As testament to the outstanding quality of Herschel’s products, all of their ceramic heaters come with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

The Herschel Aspect XL2 is designed to have a wall mounted fitting and must be installed by a professional electrician. No complex maintenance is required for this product and the only upkeep necessary is the occasional dust down with a soft cloth to ensure the heater runs as smoothly as possible. For an indoor installation, we highly recommend pairing your ceramic heater with a Herschel iQ thermostatic controller, which will ensure your energy usage is kept as low as possible and provide you with more precision control over heat levels.

Herschel are one of the UK’s leading infrared manufacturers and are renowned for their innovative and extensive product range. Whether you’re looking to heat a domestic, commercial or even an industrial space, you can be sure that there’s a Herschel heater to suit every application. Their infrared heaters are produced to the highest standard, which is reflected in their long service life and generous warranty periods. If you would like more information about our outstanding range of Herschel heaters, or a free quote tailored to your project dimensions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly sales team.