Ecostrad Accent IR Infrared Ceiling Panel with Remote - 550w (1205 x 605mm)


For slightly larger rooms, the 550w Ecostrad Accent IR Infrared Ceiling Panel is a fantastic choice, offering a maximum heated area of 11m². As it’s designed for a ceiling mounted fitting, it’s perfectly positioned to provide an optimum spread of heat, reaching every corner of your room. Each unit also comes with a remote control for easy point-and-press heat management.

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Unlike many conventional heating systems, the ceiling-mounted Ecostrad Accent IR infrared panel allows your room’s heat source to be kept completely out of arm’s reach. It’s a superb option for homes with younger children, as well as civic and commercial spaces that need a safe and discreet heat source. This 550w infrared panel comes with its own remote so controlling the heater is simple: just point and press your way to perfectly heated rooms.

The Accent delivers gentle far infrared heat, which is absorbed by walls and surfaces to bring your interiors up to a uniform temperature. There’s no heat loss through draughts – the infrared it emits is retained by the fabric of the building which means that less energy is needed to keep your rooms at the right comfort level. It creates this mellow heat using a carbon crystal film element that efficiently conducts heat into the room whilst also ensuring the panel is ultra-light. The elements in Accent panels are all covered with a patented, fire-resistant coating that protects the elements whilst conducting heat efficiently into the room.

Each Ecostrad Accent IR infrared ceiling panel comes with its own remote control which allows you to program a heating schedule for the whole week. Using its timer function, you can set a heating interval Monday to Friday, with separate schedules for Saturday and Sunday, so you can have your heaters switch off when warmth isn’t needed. It also includes an adaptive start function to pre-heat rooms, an open window sensor to save energy, as well as a comfort override option to temporarily heat at your desired temperature. The remote contains the room thermostat and can be used with any number of Accent IR panels, which is handy if you have multiple heaters in the same space. If you want to use your heater manually or wire it into a different external control system, you can use the bypass switch on the receiver at the rear of the panel. This gives you the option of basic manual control if that’s all you need or the freedom to use it with the thermostat of your choice.

These Accent IR panels can be installed in a number of different ways: you can purchase them with a direct mounting kit for a fitting that’s tight to the ceiling, or purchase them with a suspension kit which can be the better choice for high-ceilinged rooms.

Ecostrad Accent IR Discreet heat
from ceiling to floor
Ceiling Mounted Fitting
Offering multiple ways to install, Ecostrad Accent IR infrared ceiling panels are a discreet solution that ensures your heating blends into your interiors.
Remote Control Supplied
Each unit comes with a remote so you can adjust your Accent IR panel without having to leave your seat. It’s zero-hassle heating at its best.
Weekly Programming
The Accent IR’s remote lets you set a custom heating schedule for the whole week so you can save energy when heating isn’t needed.
Lightweight & Slimline
Made of lightweight aluminium that’s just 22mm deep, this ultra-slim heater barely intrudes into the room. A superb space-saving heating solution.
Comfortable Heat
Accent IR infrared panels produce far infrared which is a gentle form of warmth that’s absorbed by walls and surfaces for long-lasting heat.
5 Year Warranty on Body
Every Accent IR infrared ceiling panel comes with a 5 Year Warranty on the heater body and a 1 Year Warranty on the receiver so you can buy with confidence.
Heating that Fades into the Background
Ecostrad’s range of ceiling mounted Accent IR infrared panels are the epitome of low-key heating. They’re designed to be installed overhead so that they gently warm rooms unnoticed and provide a broad spread of heat that’s unobstructed by furnishings. An excellent choice if you need your heating out of sight and out of reach.
Lower wattage, same effective heat

Accent IR infrared ceiling panels are able to use a lower wattage to heat rooms compared to their wall mounted counterparts due to their fitting location. As they’re installed on the ceiling, they stay warmer for longer because heat naturally rises to the top of the room; this means they don’t need to use as much power to maintain the same temperature. By opting for a ceiling mounted heating solution, you can warm interiors using less energy overall which means even bigger long-term savings on running costs.

Three ways to install

Ecostrad Accent IR infrared ceiling panels are designed to be as versatile as possible and can be installed in three different ways to suit the space you need to heat:

Direct mounted to the ceiling When purchased with the direct mounting kit, these panels can be installed so that they’re fixed tight to the surface of the ceiling, offering an unobtrusive look that blends in with your interior décor. This type of fitting is great for rooms with a standard ceiling height. Suspended from the ceiling Purchase the suspension kit if you have a high-ceilinged property and need to bring the panels closer to the floor. The kit comes supplied with wires that can be cut to the required length so you can easily keep the panels at the ideal height. Installed in a ceiling grid The 270w infrared panel in the Accent IR range is just the right size to fit into suspended ceiling grids in offices and other commercial locations. When used in this way, it will neatly slot into place without the need to purchase any installation kits.
Programming, simplified

For effortless control, every Accent IR panel is supplied with a remote so you can program your heaters from the comfort of your chair. You can set an interval for your heating Monday to Friday and separate intervals for Saturday and Sunday to create a schedule that matches your routine. Whenever your heating isn’t warming to the times dictated by your program, the Ecostrad Accent IR switches off to save energy, ensuring that you’re never wasting power. If you need a little more heat than usual, there’s no need to adjust your settings – an integrated comfort override feature lets you temporarily choose a higher temperature without the need to alter your set schedule.

Zoned heating for greater efficiency

The Accent IR’s remote control also houses the room thermostat, which is accurate to 0.5 °C for near total precision. You can program any number of Accent IR infrared wall panels with the remote so if you have multiple heaters in one space, they can all be set to follow the same schedule with little effort. Use a remote for each heater or use fewer remotes to create discrete zones throughout your property – with the Accent IR, you can group your panels together as you see fit.

External controller compatible

If you have another control system you want to wire the heater into, all you have to do is use the bypass switch on the rear of the Accent IR panel. This switch breaks the connection with the thermostatic remote and allows the heater to follow the instructions of your external controller, so you’re free to change how you manage your heating further down the line.

Lot 20 Compliant
The Accent IR comes with weekly programming, open window detection and adaptive start features for fully Lot 20 compliant heating.
Zero Maintenance
Infrared panels like the Accent IR require little upkeep and have a simple design for increased longevity and reliability.
Recyclable Aluminium
Accent IR infrared wall panels have an aluminium frame which can be infinitely reused when recycled responsibly.