Caloray Wall Hanger


The Caloray Wall Hanger is the perfect accessory to go with your Caloray Infrared Heating Disc. For those who don’t want to ceiling mount their Caloray, this fixture allows for wall mounted installation instead. With a contemporary, curved design and finished in matt black, the wall hanger provides an elegant solution to installing your Caloray.

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Sporting a curved, arched design and matt black finish, the Caloray Wall Hanger is the perfect complementary accessory to go with your Caloray infrared heater. Whether you’re looking for a unique aesthetic for your indoor heating or for a practical way to install your Caloray outside, this accessory is the ideal solution. It can be fitted to any interior wall and is a great installation accessory for commercial properties with high ceilings or those with outdoor dining.

The Caloray Wall Hanger will position your Caloray approximately 1 metre away from the wall.