Infrared heating is still something of a novelty in the heating world. It’s much less familiar than radiators or storage heaters, and not everyone understands how it works. It can be hard to get a feel of what infrared heating involves just from looking at photos and reading product specs. What you really want to do is have a proper look at the heater – pick it up, take a closer look, switch it on, and get a feel for the heat it produces.

So, to help you out, we got our young apprentice, Tasha Webb, to do exactly that. Tasha is a dab hand at marketing but a self-confessed newbie when it comes to the world of heating. Her challenge for the morning was to take an infrared panel from our showroom and put it to task: checking out all the features, testing the heat, and generally reviewing the product as a whole. After a morning of tinkering, Tasha wrote us this review – here’s what she thought of the Herschel 350w White Infrared Panel.

Herschel Select Infrared Heating Panel – 350w White

Size and Style

Herschel Select Infrared Heater

If you want a heating solution which can blend in with your room design and not take up much room, this heater would be perfect for you. At a glance, the heater seems to be about the same size as a medium canvas picture. The heater is a perfect square, being 60cm in length and height. It is entirely white, so would blend perfectly against white walls. 

This heater has a white frame around it, which I think finishes it nicely – just how a picture would be hung on a wall. I was quite surprised by the sturdiness of the heater because, when you look at it, the slimness makes it seem flimsy and delicate. However, it is very sturdy and feels smooth and strong.The 350w Herschel Select panel is only 2.5cm in depth, roughly the same thickness as a whiteboard. This would take up hardly any room so perfect for hallways and corridors where space saving is essential.


Installation for the Herschel Select Panel is simple, using basic DIY skills. You only need to screw the brackets into the wall and the infrared heater hooks onto them. Plug it in and you are ready to go. A template is provided to show you where to put the screws. The cable is also white and about 3 meters long. One thing you will notice about the panel heater is how light it is. It is only 3kg which is slightly lighter than a new born baby. This will help make installation easier as only one person is required. Confession to make – I didn't actually mount the heater on our wall, however looking at the template and brackets it looks simple to do. 

Plug In and Go
 If you prefer a more discrete-looking infrared heater you can get it installed by a qualified electrician. This way all the wires will be hidden. You can also use the heater freestanding, using the Herschel Select Feet. This is how I used the heater. It takes up a little more room than if you were to wall mount the heater but if you were wanting to move it around, this would be more practical.

Heat Output & Control

If you want instant heat, this would be perfect for you. I have timed how long the heater takes to warm up and within 30 seconds you can feel the heater starting to warm up. Within 2 minutes it is almost fully heated and nearly too hot to touch. I think this is perfect for our offices as when you arrive in the morning and it is chilly, you will be able to rely on the heater to warm you quickly and efficiently. Once you turn off the heater it takes about 5 minutes to cool down and then it is cool to touch.

I never really understood infrared heat myself until now. It works in a very similar way as the sun heating you up on a cold breezy day. Infrared heat only heats up objects and not air because the heat rays travel through the air and are absorbed by objects. While the heat rays travel through the air it doesn’t heat it up and therefore doesn’t dry it out. The heat delivered by the panel was quite different from our normal radiators. Sitting by the panel, it did feel like being in the sun – but only the area in front of the panel got warm. The rest of the room that was behind the panel stayed the same temperature.


I think the only downside to the Herschel Select heater is that you cannot control the temperature. It is one set temperature and that is it. However, I would recommend purchasing the heater with a thermostat so that it can be controlled. The only reason why a thermostat isn’t fitted is that it reduces the lifespan of the heater. There are many different thermostats which could be used with the heater. They all offer different features so it depends what you are looking for. Some are suitable for use with Wifi, some just need plugging in and others need hardwiring in. 

Would I use this heater?

I think our office is always cold so I would love to hang this heater immediately. My colleagues wouldn’t agree with that however – I am the person who wears a scarf in summer. But with this heater, I could be warmer without making everyone else too hot. As long as the heater only points at me, nobody else has to get warm. For that reason, as well as being slimline and fast to heat, I would recommend this Herschel infrared panel heater to anyone.

To find out more about the Herschel Select White Infrared Panel Heater, check out the full product page. Or, alternatively, for infrared technology without the plain white panel, you should check out our Herschel Inspire range, where mirror and picture panels are available. You can have any image of your choice with our picture panels. How about having a family picture, or a favourite memorable moment which could be hung in your room and heat you at the same time? Speak to our sales team on 0330 880 8383 for more information.