After reviewing the Herschel Select infrared panel heater yesterday, I wanted to find out what was the difference between Herschel Select and Herschel Inspire panels. The most obvious difference is that the Inspire panels are more expensive, but why are they? I never knew what the difference was until I put them together. Here is what I found out:

StyleHerschel Select Infrared Heater

I think one of the main differences between white Inspire and Select panels is the way they look and feel. By just looking at the panels you can tell that they have different finishes and therefore look completely different. The Select Panel has a white aluminium finish and a white powered aluminium frame around it. Whereas the Inspire heating panel has a white powdered finish and doesn’t have a frame. Both panels feel very smooth; however, I think the inspire panel has more texture to it. The Select panel has a shiny look to it and the Inspire looks more matted. I think that both of the panels will complement the environment they are in, but the Inspire panel will blend in slightly better with the wall it is mounted on, due to its texture. Looking at both of the panels, it looks like the Select panel could be damaged more easily, by scratches etc. Even though the Select panel is very sturdy when you hold it, the Inspire panel feels a lot sturdier in comparison.

The only other difference in the style of the panels is that the Inspire range is wider and there is a greater variety of panels available. The Inspire range includes white panels, mirror panels, coloured glass panels and picture panels. The Select panels, meanwhile, only come in white or glass. With the picture panels you are able to have the heater with any image you want, either by choosing from Herschel’s pre-printed images or uploading one of your own.


Installation for both the Select and Inspire panel heaters is the same. They can both be wall mounted using simple DIY skills, making installation easy and fuss free. All you need to do is screw the brackets into the wall using the template provided. The template helps show you where to screw the brackets into the wall. Then you hang the heater onto the brackets, plug it in and you are ready to go. The smaller panels are light and easier to carry so only one person is needed for installation. However, if you purchase a larger panel, I would recommend having someone else to help you lift the panel on to the brackets as they can start to get heavy.

If you would prefer it to look a bit more discrete you could get them both installed by a qualified electrician. This way all the wires would be hidden. Also both Select and Inspire Ranges are available with feet, so if you wished you could have a free standing electric panel heater. This would be more practical if you were wanting to move the panel around your home.

Heat Output & ControlHerschel Inspire Infrared Heater

Yesterday I timed how long it took for the Herschel Select panel heater to warm up, so I thought I would do the same today with the Herschel Inspire. The Herschel Select panel heater starts to warm up within 30 seconds and within 2 minutes it is almost fully heated and nearly too hot to touch. Comparatively, the Herschel Inspire panel took slightly longer to warm up. In 40 seconds I could feel heat from the panel and within 3 minutes it was almost fully heated and too hot to touch. Both of the panels warm up very quickly and I would be happy to use either of them due to the reliable heat they give.

The only downside to both of these heaters is that you cannot control the temperature they give off. To get the best out of both the Select and Inspire heaters, I would recommend purchasing a thermostat so that you are able to control the temperature. You can get many different thermostats with a range of useful features, so purchasing a thermostat separately can help you get the perfect level of heating control for your home.


When choosing between Herschel Select and Inspire panels, I think the main consideration should be what you want the panels to look like. If you want an energy efficient heating solution, but want it for the cheapest price available, I would choose Herschel Select Panels. They work very well and look smart and tidy, if not stylish. If your home aesthetics come first, I would choose Herschel Inspire Panels. The matted finish looks a lot cleaner and more professional, and you have the added option of customisation if you want to make your heating more personalised.

To find out more about the Herschel Select Range or Herschel Inspire Range, check out the full product pages, or speak to our sales team on 0330 880 8383.