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If you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills and invest in the latest heating technology then far infrared heaters are the ideal choice. Not only does our extensive range of infrared heaters look modern and stylish, they are one of the most energy efficient heating options on the market today - you could make huge savings on your heating bill when compared to more traditional forms of electric heating. Buy securely online or call us on 0330 880 8383 for more information.

Far Infrared Heaters

Far infrared heaters are a new and innovative form of energy efficient electric heating. Not to be confused with the more traditional orange glowing and less efficient infrared heaters, they offer a high level of control when connected to the recommended timers and thermostats and are built with maximum focus on energy efficiency and low running costs. Stylish and modern, far infrared heaters are designed to heat the fabric of the building and objects in the room rather than the surrounding air. This can result in huge energy savings and big reductions in harmful greenhouse gasses

Far Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared Heaters Direct are the UK's number 1 for energy efficient  far infrared heating panels and our mission is to bring you the best the deals in the UK with a level of service that can’t be matched. We’ve spent months carefully selecting the best manufacturers of this emerging technology and are proud to offer the very best from Far Infrared heating and Herschel. We’re also delighted to be the UK’s sole distributor of the Prestyl range of "thin film" far infrared heating panels. Our research tells us we have selected the best range of products backed by some of the best warranties in the heating industry.

Our range of far infrared outdoor heaters are ideal for home patios. With low running costs, low installation costs and no ongoing maintenace they offer the perfect solution if you are looking for outdoor heating for pubs, restaurants and hotels as well as outdoor heating for bars, clubs and smoking areas.

We provide our customers, both domestic and trade with the best energy efficient heating solutions at the UK's best prices.

For a free quotation call us on 0330 880 8383

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